[VIDEOS] The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

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Want a sparkling home by the end of the spring cleaning season? There’s still time to pull on the gloves and get to work before summer entertaining begins. The best part after checking some of these tasks off your to-do list you won’t need to tackle them again until next year!

Spring cleaning is a bit different from everyday cleaning because these are additional tasks you wouldn’t normally consider cleaning on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We recently discussed the benefits of cleaning a home, plus one spring cleaning how-to in a recent Facebook Live post. Watch to learn the best way to clean the lint trap in your dryer to prevent a house fire.

In our home we’re pretty much clean freaks! I find if you are constantly picking up after yourself and wiping down surfaces you’ll have less to clean overall. The benefits to living a clean life provides:

  • Less stress
  • Provides exercise
  • It can be therapeutic 
  • Reduce allergins & improve air quality
  • Plus, you’ll love spending time in your home

Not sure how to get started in your home? Here are a few tips to tackle those forgotten spots. Rather than feel overwhelmed, take one room at a time, create a plan and let the cleaning begin.

Declutter each room in your home.

The single most effective thing you can do in your home is cut clutter. Remove anything that you no longer need than reorganize the items you will be keeping in the space. Remember to wipe down all your shelves, closets and tabletops before placing the items back in their designated spaces. By removing clutter you’ll have fewer obstacles in your way when it comes time scrubbing down the place.

Let the outside in by cleaning your windows.

As soon as you can open the windows to let in the spring air it’s time to clean them. Either hire a professional window cleaner or tackle the project yourself. With your hose and Windex outdoor glass and patio you can wash away the winter simply by attaching this product to your hose a spraying the windows and doors of your home. On the inside use Windex or a mixture of vinegar and water and spray the glass and use a squeegee to wipe away the grim. Also make sure to clean the shades or blinds and inside of the windowsills to avoid having the wind carry the dirt from these areas into the home.

Clean all your fabric.

The fabric around your home can collect dust and bacteria so make sure you change out fabrics to wash or get dry cleaned curtains, pillows, bedding and rugs. Also be sure to vacuum, steam clean furniture and Febreeze bigger items like the mattress ( don’t forget to flip the mattress to extend it’s life). If you have carpets schedule time to shampoo them to get rid of winter’s foot tracks.

Say bye-bye to dust bunnies.

Now you have to consistently dust your home, it can’t just be a spring cleaning task. A simple way to complete this project is to start from the top of the room and work your way down. Wipe down the ceiling, fan or light fixtures, the walls, baseboards and all the furniture in the room. Make sure to move furniture, appliances and look high and low to remove all dust.

Pay close attention to kitchen and bathrooms.

These two rooms are constantly used throughout the day. Make sure to wipe all surfaces, organize cabinets, remove old items like expired food or medicine and sanitize all appliances, baths and sinks. Did you know your sink is dirty than your toilet? It’s true! If you have a stainless steel sink in your kitchen check out this cleaning hack below to make it look like new.

Kitchens and baths also tend to have more grout lines because tile is often used as a finishing material. If your grout lines are discolored try one of these two cleaning tricks to make them look like new. 

Now don’t expect to conquer your house in a weekend. Set aside some time, start with the rooms you use frequently and work through these tips, you’ll end up with a clean, clutter-free home that you can manage throughout the year or while your home is on the market. For more cleaning tips check out our Pinterest page or sign up for cleaning mini-class it’s a quick video series that will teach you further in depth what to clean, how to clean like a pro, create cleaning habits, recruit other family members and deal with pet presence, plus provide a chore list, schedules and much more. Click here or on the image below to get started now for 50% off, this is a limited time offer so sign up now.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let me know what you’ll be tackling on your spring cleaning list this year! If you have a question about cleaning please be sure to leave that in the comments too. Remember cleaning can be a time consuming, hands on task –but it doesn’t cost a lot and can provide a huge impact to the place you call home.

Happy Cleaning,

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