Home Staging Tips: Before you even begin to declutter, clean or rearrange your furnishing when putting a for sale sign in your yard there is ONE main ideology that I find successful home sellers have. I’ve studied my clients and found that most success when selling a home comes from within the sellers themselves. It’s about the psychology and practices of the seller, what is driving this person to sell their home, and what they are willing to live with—or in some cases live without—to get to the closing table.
home staging tips

So, the most important home staging tip I can share with you is to obtain a seller’s mindset because selling a home is no easy task.

 Within this seller’s mindset you must also be realistic about the three key factors of home staging tips—product preparation, marketing, and price—that help close the deal. Without this framework, sellers lose focus, lose money, get frustrated and give up, or, worse, they never even begin. Not my clients!

Mindset #1: Begin with the end in mind

So where is the next place you will move to? For some this question may be scary to think about, for others the question brings excitement. Imagining what you want as if it already exists opens the door to letting it happen.
When you begin with the end in mind, you have a clear vision and direction of where you want to be. The steps to get to the end and accomplish your goal, in this case selling your home, become easier to navigate when you’re able to envision your home sold.

Mindset #2: Set feelings aside in a real estate transaction

Savvy sellers know that when selling their most prized possession, their home, they need to leave their emotions at the door. Owning a home is different from, let’s say, owning a T-shirt. First off, it’s a substantial investment that you own for years, in some cases the biggest purchase of your life, and it’s where memories are made. Maybe the living room is where your child took their first steps. Or in the kitchen, you made your first romantic dinner. What about the backyard, where you used to grill every summer and have family reunions.

Mindset #3: Be proactive when showcasing your home

Becoming proactive early on in the selling process is a major turning point for homeowners. If you’ve read this e-book up until this point, I want to applaud you on being proactive because you’ve taken the time to learn how home staging can benefit your sale. Whether you know it or not, you’re carefully designing an action plan that will get you one step closer to the closing table. You’re taking responsibility for this deal and not allowing outside factors—such as the market’s condition or your competitor’s lot size—to affect your mindset.
Now that you’re thinking about staging your home, let’s take action! See my top five essential staging tips when selling your home, check out our latest article from Upnest.

home staging tips
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