Embracing Fall Home Decor Under $150

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When the air starts to turn crisp and the leaves begin to change, it is time to think seriously about autumn decor. From your curb appeal to your living room there are so many ways to decorate for fall. The season arrives this Friday, just in time to add a fall decor project or two on your weekend to-do list. 
Decorating this time of year can feel a bit overwhelming because there are so many variations of iconic elements that can be used to set the scene. Do you decorate for Halloween with skeletons, witches and zombies first, then Thanksgiving with pilgrims and indians– maybe it’s both at the same time? Or do you choose to just focus on the seasonal aspect of autumn using classics like cornstalks, pumpkins, leaves and pinecones. 

Whichever you choose, it’s important to stick to a theme. Exercise restraint when putting together your fall decor because imagery of the harvest, wooden and rustic signs, scarecrows and candy corn are so plentiful and pleasing, it’s easy to overdo. Simple and minimalist accouterment, like a clean fall featured wreath, can be more effective at capturing the spirit of the season than an eclectic group of autumn objects. To help you better clarify your fall style, Shutterfly put together over 80 fall decorating ideas to spark your creativity this season.

Color Trend for Fall

When you think of fall colors, perhaps bright oranges and reds come to mind as they dominate the most lovely fall foliage. However, think about using that kind of bright coloration sparingly. Paler versions of the same colors will hold you in better stead when you are creating mantelpiece designs or porch scapes. Perhaps a bright leaf garland makes a nice base, but more muted pieces with similar colors will keep your design from becoming a little too much.
This year, I’ve been noticing a trend towards using more neutral fall decor, rather than the traditional palette. Check out some of these popular Instagram photos of neutral fall favorites:

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Fall Home Decor Inside

And while it’s possible to spend a pretty penny on snazzy fall designs it’s not necessary to pay much (or anything) for perfect home elements. The rustic nature of the decor for this time of year means it’s just as easy to take on some simple DIY projects and make them really look stunning. 
Create an enchanting autumnal moment for less with my fall home decor picks under $150. Pairing these decor accessories with simple elements like sheaves of wheat, pine cones, leaves and acorns, or a few easy candle designs can complete the overall design.

Doormat |  Table Lamp | Vase Set | Cowhide Throw | Gold ThrowWood Box Lamp BaseKitchen Canisters| Plant Hangers | Cattail Grass | Metal Outdoor Sculpture | Letterboard | Pumpkin Candle Basket | Candle Holder GoldFaux Lit Twig Orbs |Copper Deer | Leather Square Pillow | Adra Vase Tall Birch Branches, Set of 3 | Iron Fruit Baskets | Twig Metal Wall Hook | Round Jute Frame Mirror | Birch Candle | Decorative Pillow Cover | Melbourne Pillow | Fiberworked Mirror |Pinecone Garland | Throw Pillow | Table Runner | Hurricane Candle Holder | Farmhouse Pitcher | Antler Bowl | Galvanized Basket | Faux Fur Pillow | Pillar Candle Holder | Plaid Throw | Lumbar Pillow | Salad Plate | Pillar Candles | Mule Cup with Straw | White Ceramic Pumpkins | Pumpkins Pillow | Wreath | Wall Decor |Pumpkin Figure }

Fall Home Decor Outside

Now that we’ve spruced up the inside of your home, don’t forget to decorate your home’s front exterior, as well as around places you’ll be entertaining outside this season, like on a porch, deck or patio. We recently switched out our summer planters to showcase some of fall flowers. But, we used more than just mums a fall favorite to dress up our planters. See how we played with height, color and texture in this video.

Check out these fall decor ideas that are sure to inspire your home with a bounty of seasonal delights, without stretching your wallet or your visual aesthetic. Share an image of your fall decor over on our Facebook Fan Page and while you’re there tell us what’s your favorite part of this season.
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