Freshen Up Your Home This Fall

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The Fall season is a time to get back to nature. The leaves are changing, the cooler air is blowing and nights are getting shorter — a perfect time to hang outside with fire lit drink a pumpkin “something or other.”
fall decor
Decorating this time of year is all about making your home cozy, comfortable and sophisticated. This year’s trends have something for everyone so experiment with patterns, texture and color to freshen up the look of your home.


If you’ve had a bold summer decor style, try switching it up with neutral colors. Play with neutral colors brings back the simplicity of Fall. Neutral doesn’t mean just all white either, get creative use browns, grays and even blacks this season. Remember though when neutralizing adding different textures into a room is key.

Home on the Plains

Instill farmhouse style into your home this Fall, it’s a hot trend that’s not just for suburban, traditional styled homes. This style makes you feel warm and authentic.Incorporate natural wood elements, barn yard animal motifs, and fresh Fall flowers is a simple way to add some great Fall style into the space.

Stand Out Wall

Staring at four generic walls in a room can get boring. One of the biggest trends this Fall is using bold prints instead of a solid color on an accent wall. Use a stencil or wallpaper to create a bold geometric or floral print to give the room life and personality. 


The possibilities with metallics are endless: statement lighting, knickknacks, and even furniture. Metallics make any space feel luxurious and glamorous. This season, don’t feel limited just to bronze or gold either: rose gold and silver are making it big and allowing for even more creativity with this trend.

Cuddle Up 

Who doesn’t want to wrap themselves up in something plush and furry as the nights get colder? One of the easiest ways to update a room for Fall is with plush cushions and throw blankets. Add rich textures like faux fur, cable knits, and velvet to make the space cozy. You can even use these items as Fall turns into Winter.

Tribal & Global Inspiration

This trend is all about using pattern in the space. This look is about reconnecting with nature by using organic handmade pieces made from rustic, raw materials & making an impact with bold tribal accents. Grab one of these accessories below like a medallion inspired pillow, tribal print rug or even a plaid throw.


Fall Tribe




All interior spaces don’t have to match, try a unique approach to updating your space. Mix old with new, play with different styles or add antiques in a contemporary space. Don’t be afraid to take a risk! 

From bold patterns to soft neutrals, glossy metallics to matte finishes, this year’s Fall decor trends gives you lots of options to make your space feel at home. Don’t forget to comment below and tell us how you will be embracing this season in your home. 

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~ Maria Robbins, Homeowner