5 Tips to Throw the Perfect Father's Day Backyard BBQ Party

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With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, what will you be doing with Dad? Did you know most fathers would rather spend the day at home. 
According to a survey of 775 dads by Zagat, when the restaurant review guide asked where dads wanted to go for their holiday, it discovered to their surprise that 52 percent of dads said they just wanted to relax with their families on Father’s Day. Dads overwhelmingly like to eat out the rest of the year.
Only 29 percent said they actually enjoyed going out with the family on Father’s Day, Zagat found. The dads ranged in age from 18 to over 65. So, why not throw your Dad a backyard BBQ party? Here are five tips to throwing a perfect party for Dad:

Father’s Day Tip # 1: Keep the party simple.

Don’t overdo it with decorations at a BBQ. Add some balloons in your father’s favorite color or use numbers and words to spell out #1 Dad. Also, make sure you have enough seating for everyone to relax, eat and converse. Set up your patio furniture or lay out a few picnic blankets. Don’t forget to have lights available once the sun goes down. Try stringing some lights or adding candles and lanterns to your centerpiece. Oh, and if your Dad likes to take a mid-afternoon siesta than have a place for him to put up his feet and relax, a hammock is perfect for this.
Father’s Day Tip # 2: Menu Favorites.
Pick easy, classic recipes to fill Dad’s tummy. The Zagat survey found that 56 percent of Dad’s favorite meals involves something grilled. So, grab your favorite meat and light up the grill. Create a twist on the classics like hamburgers by using new flavors to entice Dad’s palate. Finish the menu out with a few side dishes like corn on the cob, rosemary potatoes and string beans with cherry tomatoes and almonds. If you have a smoker or a pizza oven in the yard plan a menu around that.

Happy Father's Day --BBQ Party


Father’s Day Tip # 3: Drink Up.

What drink goes better at a BBQ than beer. In fact, Dad’s favorite beverage to drink is beer at 37 percent according to Zagat, followed by something non-alcoholic. Make sure to grab the beer, ice and fill the coolers. Make sure to have enough water on hand or brew some ice tea and make lemonade to keep Dad from feeling hungover.

Father’s Day Tip # 4: Play “Old” Tunes.

Keep your party guests in a great mood all afternoon and evening long with an eclectic, feel-good mix of classic rock, Southern soul, 90’s hip-hop, and upbeat pop classics. As long as the music makes you smile and dance, it should do the trick. 

Father’s Day Tip # 5: Yard Games.

Set up a game of croquet, horseshoes, corn hole, bocce ball, or badminton in the backyard and play a friendly game with your family. Or if you have a pool enjoy spending the day lounging with your Dad, play a game of Marco Polo or have a chicken fight in the water.
To all the Dads out there Happy Father’s Day! Enjoy the day with the ones you love. Let me know in the comments below on how you like to spend Father’s Day, I’d love to hear your traditions and party ideas.
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