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Our Favorite Decorating Trends of 2016

Following a year as fun and stylish as 2015 can be hard to do. As we progress further into the social media era, interior design is creating a monumental name for itself. No longer is it just for designers, but for all creative minds looking to have a beautiful home.
decorating trens of 2016

Now anyone can look on Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media site and be inspired by thousands of pictures of stunning interiors.

While many trends from the past can flow into the future, and with already so much talk of the many trends we will see, we think it’s important to note our favorite decorating trends of 2016.

Decorating Trends #1: Outdoor Fabric Used Indoors

Outdoor fabric simply makes your home livable. Whether you have children or pets-outdoor fabric is more durable, highly cleanable, and won’t pill or lighten with sun damage like typical indoor fabrics. With this trend growing more each year, textile companies have worked hard to make their outdoor collections just as decadent as their indoor collections. Most of the time, just from looking at the fabric, we can’t even tell the difference! Some of our favorites include Perennials Fabric, Osborne & Little Sea Breeze Collection, and Pindler.
decorating trends 2016
Image Credit: Perennials Fabric
decorating trends 2016
Image Credit: Osborne & Little

Decorating Trends #2: Formal Dining Rooms

It’s hard to believe, but for years the focus has gone away from the formal dining room and settled on the cozy kitchen nook or the beautiful breakfast bar. We couldn’t be more thrilled to see the most social area in the house make it’s way back up the list; the formal dining room. Dining rooms aren’t only for hosting Thanksgiving dinner, but can be a great place to entertain on the weekends or even get the busy family together for a meals. The dining room can set the precedent to enjoy the company of others over a meal and create lasting memories.

decorating trens of 2016
Image Credit: Architecture Décor
decorating trens of 2016
Image Credit: Luxe Décor

Decorating Trends #3: Statement Bathroom Mirrors

A mirror can do so much for a room. Not only can it expand the angles to ultimately make a room look bigger, but also, it’s the focal point. A mirror is where eyes are drawn. Whether a statement mirror is over sized, has ornate detailing, or a fun color, it will steal attention. Having a statement mirror in the bathroom can not only transform the space,but can be pleasing and relaxing to the eye.

decorating trens of 2016
Image Credit: RH Modern
decorating trens of 2016
Image Credit: Schumacher

Decorating Trends #4: Heated Entryway Floors

Anyone who lives in a remotely cold area can appreciate and fall absolutely in love with this concept. Typically, an entry way is where shoes are removed, coats are hung up, and you walk into your first wave of warmth after enduring the cold air outside. I know we can’t imagine a better welcome home than feeling a toasty floor beneath our feet.
decorating trens of 2016
Image Credit: House of Turquoise
decorating trens of 2016
Image Credit: Home Bunch

Decorating Trends #5: Nude-Pink

We don’t think it’s a coincidence that Pantone gave Rose Quartz the title, Color of theYear, and that we’re starting to see the same color pop up everywhere- not
just on walls. Nude-Pink is simply a hue that makes everyone and everything look great. It’s not too bold, but it’s also not just white or cream. It gives you that pop, while offering serenity and relaxation.
decorating trens of 2016
Image Credit: Home Depot
decorating trens of 2016
Image Credit: Holly Phillips @ The English Room
Which is your favorite trend? Let us know in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you.


Guest Post by Courtney Clauer for LuxeDecor. LuxeDecor is a premiere online showroom for high-end furniture, lighting, rugs, and home décor.When LuxeDecor launched in 2009, the company had only two employees and a single mission: to exceed expectations for premium quality, luxury home furniture, and offer an exemplary online ordering experience. Over the years LuxeDecor has experienced continued growth, which the company owes to its incredible customer service team. Believing people to be the company’s best asset, LuxeDecor employs an extremely knowledgeable and experienced customer service team, dedicated to assisting customers with an “ask me anything” attitude. LuxeDecor hand selects the finest brand name products to host on its site, and stands behind the quality of every product they sell.

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