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October 17, 2016
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Home Decorating Trend: Matte Black & Copper

Both black and copper have crossed paths in home decorating trends in past decades, but many designers are juxtaposing matte finishes with shiny metals to create an eye-catching opposition.

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Matte finishes are being used on walls, furniture, fixtures, and ceramics all over the house. A matte finish is being combined with metallics to create a striking contrast of sheens. The new matte finishes are represented in moody dark hues and pretty pastels (talk about varying contrasts). Matte black is especially raising eyebrows in the kitchen, where in recent years we opted for all white surfaces, stainless steel appliances and fixtures. 

Matte black adds a contemporary contrast, while copper warms the dark hue up, playing well off each other. Here are a few ways to incorporate the hues:

Matte Black & Copper



It’s important to note while this color combo could promote elegance and sophistication, it should be used sparingly. Matte black can be challenging to keep clean, can look grim and visually shrink a room, while too much copper can actually make the room look cheap. So, find the perfect balance for your space and if you’re scared to adopt this trend use it in your smaller accessories that you can easily swap out when it goes out of style.

Consider reusing items around your home to create this high-end luxe modern look on a budget by doing it yourself using matte black and copper spray paint to refresh old items around your home including: lamps, frames or ceramics. Get creative! 

What do you think about this color combination? I’d love to here from you, let me know in the comment section below if you’d ever try this trend in your home and if so, what room?

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  1. Kathy says:

    I attended a wedding last month of a bride who registered for lots of copper accessories and kitchenware. She didn’t pair it with black though. She had cobalt/royal blue which I thinks cuts down on the austere look the black can give. I wonder if it’s a combination that one would tire of quickly…

    • tori says:

      that sounds interesting, I like the dark blue.I think if you do just the right mixing it won’t be overbearing. A little goes along way with this. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Bunny Reynolds says:

    I thought you’d get a chuckle out of my story:

    Had my townhouse staged when I listed it for sale, back in 2009. My brother was there doing some simple repairs. We so thoroughly enjoyed watching the stager work that it’s become a life-time memory.

    Ever since that day, when I’m in a big thrift store (like Goodwill), I do some very subtle volunteer staging! (They seem used to customers moving stuff around. They never scold or even comment).

    They have hundreds of donated pillows – some are even down-filled!

    They also have some recent & decent, tide-me-over sofas. I pick some pillows and stage them on the sofas. I have also been known to discretely stage their coffee tables!

    It’s 2nd nature to me now to adjust the visuals. Maybe I missed my calling in retail display.

    I just got to thinking that as kids we played school, and played doctor. Someday in the future, kids will play “stager”. If you teach a kid to stage, early on they can learn about editing and balance.

    I THINK YOU SHOULD WRITE A KID’S BOOK ON STAGING, OR MAKE IT A GAME. It could be like Colorforms, where the furniture & decor pieces stick to the pictures of an empty living-room and empty bedrooms.

    I think there’s a market for that! Kids do not tackle the mess in their rooms because they do not know where to put stuff, and what to do with excess. You could make it under-whelming.

    I’m a staging fan and I enjoy your videos. BR

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