Home Selling: How Flexible Should Home Sellers Be?

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Home selling in this day and age of continual distractions and too many things to do, the last thing a home seller should be doing is making it difficult for buyers to come in and see their home.
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The process of selling a home is about getting as many buyers to look at your home online and to also get those same buyers into the home as well. (Here’s a quick hint for making sure buyers are wowed by your home online, follow Tori’s tips for home staging before the pictures and video are taken of your home.) The more buyers who come through the better your chances are of getting at least one offer and an even better outcome is getting multiple offers due to all the buyer traffic.

Make the Listing Known

If you are not as flexible with letting buyers into your home that buyer who may be the one to make an offer may never get a chance if they don’t get to see the home. In order to maximize use of their time buyers usually set a few home viewing appointments on the same day. When a particular home is a lone standout that is not allowed to be shown (for whatever reason) the chances of those same buyers wanting to come back just to see that home may not be as likely. The buyers might already have liked something they were able to see and as a result feel no need to see anything else. The end result is fewer buyers and lower chances of an offer for that home where it is difficult to get in for a showing.
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Open the Door When Opportunity Knocks

A perfect example of being flexible with a home showing involves a house I had recently listed that had a few challenges in getting sold. One day a buyer couple whose husband was about to go out of town asked for a showing of the home that same night with very little notice. While inconvenient for the sellers, they cleaned up the house as best as they could and allowed the buyers to view the home about an hour after the request was made. Those buyers loved the home so much they ended up making an offer which ultimately resulted in the home being sold to them. If the sellers had decided not to show the home on such short notice the buyers might have forgotten or got caught up in their daily life and not been able to visit the home again.

Timing is Everything

As a home seller it is in your best interest to make sure your home is not only ready for showings but that buyers can come based on their time frames. While no one is suggesting you let buyers come with 2 minutes notice or come at odd hours of the night, by being flexible in letting buyers view your home you increase your chances of letting in that buyer who loves your home and wants to buy it.
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