Home Selling Tips: Get Young Buyers Interested In Your Home

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Is your home ready for the next generation? Get home selling tips from Millennials who continue to flood the housing market, making up 35-percent of all buyers and they’re ready to make a significant impact on home design with requests on their buyer’s wish list.
Generation Y (age 18 to 35) already have their dream homes pinned, following design trends and blogger ideas to create the perfect home when the time comes and according to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders and Better Homes and Gardens, homebuilders are paying attention designing new homes this generation covets.
68-percent of Millennials are looking for a detached, single-family home — but, what will wow them on the inside? The survey suggests this generation has strong preferences for energy efficiency and smart home technology; comfortable, workable kitchens and more casual spaces. Make sure your home, especially older ones have these features available to get the biggest return on your investment and reduce your time on the market.

An Energy Efficient Home

Having an energy-efficient home continues to trend especially among Millennials who say, they’re willing to pay up to 3 percent more for this upgrade if it will help cut utility costs, according to the NAHB’s survey. So, before sticking that for sale sign in your yard consider improving the home’s insulation, switch to energy-efficient windows, stop drafts around doors, get new appliances and see if your home can sustain solar power.

Is Your Home Smart Enough?

The NAHB survey says, more than two-thirds of millennials think “smart home” technology is a good investment. Control your heating and cooling system on a smartphone or computer with a thermostat like Nest. Try adding keyless entry, a camera monitoring doorbell and even a hands-free speaker system to get them interested in your home. 
Above: Photograph courtesy of Light Locations.

Above: Photograph courtesy of Light Locations.

Separate Your Laundry Room

This feature tops millennials’ wish lists more than half surveyed say, they wouldn’t buy a new home if the laundry wasn’t separate. So, if you’re home lacks laundry storage plan on converting a small space into a laundry room. These days you can find different size energy-efficient machines that you can even stack to deal with dirty clothes. If available, add this feature on the second floor of your home next to the bedrooms.

Home Office Required

In today’s world, more homeowners are working from home or telecommuting at least a few days a week. This means a buyer will most likely be looking for a separate area to work. Turn an extra bedroom into a home office inexpensively by showing off a workstation complete with a desk and accent chair. 

Outdoor Living Space

Awe…the great outdoors. We recently added a small deck in our backyard (video above) and I have to say we’ve spent many weekends outside enjoying our yard. Opt for maintenance-free materials like Trex decking to sell your home quickly. Don’t forget to dress up the space with multiple seating areas, decor, and even a grill. Also, it’s important to add exterior lighting so you can entertain well into the night. 
What’s on your buyer’s wish list? Let me know in the comment section below, I’d love to hear about what your dream home looks like.
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