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March 13, 2014
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April 2, 2014

Home Staging Color Trend Green and Gold

Happy Home Staging  St. Patrick’s Day, in the spirit of this festive occasion I wanted to talk to you about two color trend this year, both of which are important to the luck of the Irish….green and gold.

Emerald green was last year’s (2013) pantone color of the year and it’s an easily accessible color out on store shelves. This is a cool color trend that can give off a tranquil feeling in your space. Emerald represents wealth, prosperity and luxury, so why not add this color to this space? I think it naturally works well with other colors that evoke the same air of richness
and elegance. Many other jewel tones mix well with emerald green, but in particular I love this color with deep blues and shimmery gold.

Speaking of gold, gleaming, glittering, and totally glamorous, this precious color adds sparkle to any setting. You can find it just about anywhere now in furniture, artwork, pillows and more.

Try these two color trend in your home today, for more home staging ideas on how to use them throughout your decor visit our Pinterest page at www.pinterest.com/toritothhomestager/gre­en

and for more home staging tips be sure to visit www.toritoth.com.

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