Start Here: What to Expect at a Home Staging Consultation

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One question asked often by homeowners or real estate agents inquiring about how to start the home staging process is what’s the first step to staging a home? 
Well, it starts by your initial interest in properly prepping a home for sale to get the biggest return on your investment. When researching working with potential home staging companies look at their experience, testimonials and credentials before hiring a stager.

Inquiring About Home Staging

We begin the conversation by asking some basic information about the property your trying to sell:

  • What’s the size of your home?
  • Does it have furniture or not?
  • Reason for selling?
  • How much time before going to market?
  • Budget?

Our company will then require to see the property to put a staging plan together. We offer an in-home staging consultation for the local New York City area and for those who live beyond those limits we provide an online home staging consultation. 

In-Home Staging Consultation

This service is when a certified home stager walks through the home to assess the space. They’ll take measurements and pictures of the home to use when putting together the proposal.
During the consultation we answer questions you may have about the staging process and talk with you more about how we work. Depending on the size of the property the consultation can take about an hour. We will be looking for ways to improve the space by suggesting repairs, decluttering, organizing, furniture and accessory placement and much more. 
After the consultation, we put together a proposal for further work. Our proposals are broken out by the staging fee or labor costs, the monthly rental accessory fee, which allows you to rent accessories from our company. The proposal also gives you an estimate on furniture if any is needed for the space and provides the type of furniture that will be used to transform your look. If needed the proposal will also supply vendor information to take care of necessary repairs, storage and moving services.
The proposal is there to provide you with an outline of the next steps we feel as experts should be taken, as well as give you an estimate on cost and the timeline.
We can provide a written action plan for an additional charge, or you can take notes during the consultation. The multi-page action plan broken out by room, shows exactly what needs to be done to prepare your home for sale, bonus too its a checklist that you can use so you don’t get overwhelmed. The action plan is a cost effective way for homeowners to conquer project themselves.

Remove the small pictures on the wall, rearrange furniture and remove clutter on furniture cabinet.

Online Staging Consultation

We are up for any challenge, whether big or small, to assist you in properly preparing a home for sale. This consultation service is right for occupied homes, sellers and Realtors® on a budget, plus homes that have been lingering on the market that are outside the New York City area.  

We take the guess work out of figuring out how to show off your space to make it feel at home. Simply click the Book Staging Consult Now button and fill out the form and schedule an appointment. At your scheduled time, we will meet online using, Zoom, Skype or Facetime session. You’ll give us a tour of the property as we provide our expert advice on how to create a lasting impression for buyers.  

During the Live Walk & Talk Consultation we’ll go through our Feel At Home Process to ensure the home is being presented at it’s finest. Sellers are encouraged to take notes during the process and ask questions. 

Remember home staging is a necessity when it comes to showcasing your home properly. Stand out amongst your competition on the market schedule a home staging consultation today.

Happy Selling,

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~ Maria Robbins, Homeowner