7 Home Staging Tips to Prepare Your Home for Fall

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Selling a home in autumn is the second best time of the year to get on and off the market quickly. You only have a short window between the time the kid’s go back to school before the holidays and wicked winter weather set in, that’s why home staging is important to add to the home selling process to get on and off the market quickly.
This is a great time to sell because there will likely be fewer homes on the market during this time of year, meaning a well-staged home can draw the right buyer in. If you’re planning on selling a home on market this fall check out these home staging tips to get prepared for showings.

Start at the Curb

Make sure to maintain your landscaping. Leaves can make your yard look messy. Also, make sure to trim back bushes and other plants that may be dying for the season. Use seasonal flowers like mums to add a pop of color in your yard.

School Chaos

Back to school season can make any home’s entryway cluttered. Kids usually come home and fling backpacks, shoes and jackets all over the place. Create an area for them to store their stuff, so they can grab and go as needed.

Paper Clutter

Speaking of back to school, kids will bring home artwork, tests and other school paperwork. The paper clutter can easily get out of control, so only display items a few at a time in strategic places like inside a cabinet, behind a door or in the kid’s playroom. Important paperwork should be housed in the office or in a command center like above.

Season to Celebrate

The holiday season is upon us. While Halloween & Thanksgiving are not religious holidays that could offend potential buyers, it’s still a time where many people decorate. So, just remember less is more. When decorating take a cue from nature. Rather than display ghosts, monsters or turkeys, try to use pumpkins, hay, fall flowers.

Mood Lighting

During this season the days start to get shorter and we lose daylight. If you’re showing a home in the evening make sure to light up the walk way to the front door, have all the outside lights on. Set the mood inside by lighting the fireplace or candles in your home. (Just be careful when it’s lit, safety comes first!) As well as, turn on the lights inside to show off how spacious and bright the property is.

Autumn Decor

Embrace the season by adding autumn decor to main areas of each room. Use pillows, throws and different textured fabrics to create a warm, cozy feel. Bring in the colors–brown, red, orange and yellow to set the scene. Play with twigs, flowers, pinecones and other natural decor to dress up mantles, shelves or built-ins.

Scents of the Season

Attract buyers through their sense of smell. Use fall scents like vanilla, apple cinnamon or pumpkin spice to get buyers to emotional connect to your home through their noses.

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