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Home Staging Winter Container Ideas

Home staging your front yard is an instant way to attract buyers, but just because it’s getting cold, dark and dreary outside doesn’t mean we can dismiss curb appeal, in fact now is the time more than any to pay attention to your yard’s first impression.

That’s why I’ve made this Home Staging Winter Container Ideas video, to get those creative juices flowing and make sure buyers (or just neighbors if you’re staying put) stop by and go gaga over your winter containers well into Spring.

Over the weekend I swapped out Tom the Turkey and my pumpkins for Winter and Christmas Decor. Winter can be a tough time to showcase your home’s landscaping. This season makes your flower beds and trees look lifeless, so why not create some life by utilizing your flower pots and adding these winter container ideas to your front yard. I do this every year to the flower pots that sit above my fence.

Winter Container Tip #1:

Start with using a flower pot or planter that can withstand the brutal cold, many times ceramic pots will crack, so choose a plastic material. I start my planter off with rocks to weigh the container down. Then you can choose either to use potting soil or aqua foam, which is a green foam that can absorb water and keep your flowers or plants fresher.

Winter Container Tip #2:

Go with organic, natural plants that can withstand the weather. I live in New York City, so I tend to use more evergreens, friseurs, pines, douglas firs and cypress. I even use branches, hollies, pine cones and christmas balls.

Winter Container Tip #3:

Whatever you decide to use you want to make sure there is a variety of species in the container for depth. Use different textures and colors to create a unique winter container. You also want to make sure your materials have varying heights. I like to create a cohesive container by mimicking each side to create a symmetrical look.

Winter Container Tip #4:

Don’t be afraid to stand back and take a look to see what else is needed. You don’t want and bare spots in the container. A filler I like to use is scraps from my Christmas tree bottom after we’ve placed it in the stand.

Creating these winter containers not only makes your entry feel warm and inviting whether selling or dwelling, but it’s an easy way to show your holiday spirit without bringing in all the religious aspects of Christmas or Hanukah that could potential offend a buyer and in some cases deter them from making an offer.

Make sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you thought about this video, also let me know what other videos you’d like to see to get home staging inspiration. If you’re looking to get started staging your home today sign up for our FREE home staging video series here. To get daily motivation, come join the conversation on Facebook and be sure to share this quotable from the video on Twitter: “Winter Containers are warm and welcoming whether selling or dwelling” – @ToriTothStager

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