Book lovers everywhere know a book collection can easily get out of control – taking over a corner, tabletop surface even an entire wall. On National Book Lovers Day, take a moment to display your collection as home decor to reflect your literary tastes.
national book lovers day
National Book Lovers Day, celebrated on August 9th is a day for all those who love to read to find your favorite reading place, a good book and schedule some time to do what you love and read the day away.
Yes, you read them; you love them; then you put them on a shelf and basically forget about them. Displaying books in a home can set a warm and comforting mood in a space, while showing off your intellectual lifestyle. A dusty library doesn’t have to be an afterthought, make it a page turner with these seven ideas to decorate with your books.

Mix n’ Match Ways

Style your shelves or built-ins with books of all sizes. If you have a massive collection stacking all your books vertical (like you’d see in a library) could get a bit boring and redundant. Try displaying books on the different axises- both vertical and horizontal to direct the eye, create interest and add personality.

 Book Themed Accessories

Consider bringing a book’s theme or collection you may have to life by adding accessories on the shelf that reflects the book’s subject matter. An example of that is dressing up your travel section with maybe a statue of the Eiffel Tower, binoculars, a map photo or some other item you may have picked up while traveling. Or what if you love marine life, then use books on that subject on the shelf with shelves, ship wheel and sea creature. All you have to do is place similar themed books on one shelf and accessorize as needed.

Room Coordination

Who says books all have to be corralled together in one area of the home? Place books throughout your home depending on the book’s theme. What does the book talk about or teach? For instance, if it’s a cookbook place that book in the kitchen to easily be able to access a quick recipe. Where do you feel most comfortable reading? If it’s in bed, then have some of your favorite reads displayed on the nightstand. You can place books just about anywhere in a home including: a kid’s rooms, family rooms even the garage — just avoid having books or magazines displayed in a bathroom they become germ infested reads.

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 Color Coded

Rather than display your books based on subject organize them based on color. Find books with covers from the same color family to try color coding the books on your bookcase according to the color of the rainbow to look consistent and organized, plus it literally becomes a colorful work of art. If you don’t have a lot books with the same color cover consider using colored paper to cover the book.

Turn Books Into Wall Art

Have a book that you treasure? Maybe it’s a first edition or the book has a detailed cover. Use a shadow box to display the book’s cover on the wall. You can even take it one step further and frame passages inside that speak to you or wallpaper a wall with book pages.

 Coffee Table Display

Books don’t have to be displayed just on shelves. Turn a coffee table into a library and keep favorite books and topics close at hand. Stack books horizontally. Create separate and distinct stacks on a multi-tiered coffee table. 

Store Away

Plan on only using hardcover books or coffee table styled books to display and limit the number of paperbacks being used. Instead, store unwanted books or even children books inside bins and basked on a built-in to keep the overall look of the shelf sophisticated, clean and uncluttered.
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How will you be celebrating National Book Lovers Day? Let me know in the comment section below how you will dress up your book shelf and don’t forget to sit back, relax and READ!  Use #NationalBookLoversDay to post on social media and spread the word.
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