Ombre Effect on a Christmas Tree

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Ombre’s popularity has surged in the past few years appearing in hairstyles, on the runway, home decor and now to your christmas tree. This technique adds gradual color to, from light to dark. Ombre is a perfectly imperfect art form, so don’t worry about messing up!
ombre christmas tree
The word ombre is derived from the French word ombrer which means to shade. The definition is having colors that shade into each other – used especially of fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark. Since there is no right or wrong way to ombre, you can choose any colors or items to create this technique as long as the final result is that of gradual shading. 
Now you can choose one color and it’s shades to gradually place down the tree like, the Better Homes & Gardens Special Edition of Christmas Ideas, where they used nine different shades of red from light pink to magenta, red to burgundy.

Photo by: www.bhg.com

Photo by: www.bhg.com

This became the inspiration for my tree this year! Although, I didn’t want to go out and spend a lot of money buying new decorations for this technique. So, the first thing I did was accessed my current decor to determine what colors to use. My tree is usually covered in golds and silvers so I took a cue from those colors and chose the three main colors I’d use: white, silver and gold. Now, I know those are three separate colors, but watch how I gradually blended them together to create the ombre effect.

Choose a Color

Pick between three and nine colors to place on the tree that vary in shade or correlate with one another. Place each color in a piles from lightest to darkest to easily place them on the tree. Now, for my tree I didn’t have a lot of white decorations so, I bought some more glass balls and ribbon in that color. Remember, you need fewer ornaments on the top than the bottom, so it didn’t cost much to add the new color to my tree.

Lighting It Up

While I chose white lights you could get very detailed oriented with your lights and add the same color lights to the tree correlating to the color ornaments. Add the lights first before decorating the tree.
ombre christmas t


Define your zones ahead of time before you start decorating. With my tree I had three major zones so I visually cut the tree in thirds, so I would know where to stop one color and start another.

Cascading Decor

To create an ombre christmas tree you can use varying sizes of glass balls, ornaments, ribbon and mesh. Just remember to keep the colors grouped together on the tree. So, in between my three major colors, I used decorations that had both colors.
ombre christmas tree

Finishing Touches

Continue the ombre effect by using a tree topper and base that fits the shade being used at both ends of the tree. We chose a white star to feature on top of the tree and used a tree collar in gold to cover the tree base. Take it one step further and wrap all your gifts under the tree in the same shade of the ornaments near the base of the tree. We’ll, be using wrapping paper and ribbon in different gold hues and sheens to make this christmas tree the main focal point of the room come Christmas Day.

Spraying It

I wanted to show you one other way to ombre a christmas tree if you have a fake tree. Many times what is done to create this effect is to spray paint each section of branches in the varying shades then add on decorations to match that particular color. Check out this video from Live Your Style to learn how to do this technique yourself. This method of course can be more expensive because when you tire of this look, you’ll  have to go get a new fake tree.

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