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July 13, 2015
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July 13, 2015

Organizing a Bedroom Closet on a Tight Budget (Home Staging or Home Decor)

Do you have a bedroom closet that looks like this? Unorganized, cramped and you have no idea where anything actually is?

In this video, I address one community member’s closet dilemma. Before I answer though if you have a staging or decorating question, please leave it in the comment section below or your can private message me on Facebook.

Ok, this question is from my Facebook fan Lisa Russell in Australia she asks how to color code her closet because she has more patterns than solids in her wardrobe and Lisa says she just isn’t sure how to use all her space in her closet.

This is a great question, and I love that you provided me with photos…let’s tackle the first part in regards to organizing your clothes. Now when you color code your closet, it’s actually more appealing to the eye and it simplifies finding an item you’re looking for.

Right now you’ve done a pretty good job separating your clothes by type, meaning shirts, pants, dresses are all broken up, which is the first step in this process.

Now, basically you want to section it off like this sleeveless shirts, then short sleeve shirts, followed by long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and jackets and that will usually allow on the top rod.

Also on the top rod you will need a section for dresses separated by length then again, start with sleeveless dresses, then add short sleeve and long sleeve.

On the bottom rack, have a section for skirts again separate by length. Then go from shorts to long pants.

Next decide on a color coding method, there are many to choose from so it just depends on what will work for you. One way is following the color of the rainbow which is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Then have a section of neutral colors either before or after the colors.

Another way is to go from light to dark. So, you’d start with white and work your way to black…you can do this correctly by looking at a color wheel. Now if you have a closet like this with sliding doors and no light…put the lighter colors inside closure to the middle rather than black so you see a little more easier what you have. Which one works better for you make sure to comment below.

For patterns you can either create a separate section for them following the methods just mentioned. Which may be hard for Lisa because she has a lot of multi-colored items or you can insert your prints by type and color by using the dominant color found in the print.

So one item I like to use for folded items in your closet is these dividers and I think Lisa could use these in the cubbies or in a section above the rod on the shelf which declutter the space. And you can find them in just about any store Target, bed, bath and beyond, container store.

Now in those cubbies, Lisa could add large baskets to store items in and I would even suggest putting the two matching boxes you have on shelf together and move that shelf closer to another one so you can actually probably install another shelf in that cubby section. because you have alot of wasted space between the shelves there.

home staging

Lisa, it also looks like you have a lot of hats, so I’d hang those on hooks on a smaller wall to not only have a place for them but create a decorative element.

Onto the second part of your question how to spruce up the closet. I would add a seating area in this corner where you have this cage. You can add a chair and a little table or if you don’t have on already you can add a vanity with a chair that flanks the wall with the doors. Maybe hang your hats on the wall by the window.

home staging

Where your ironing board is maybe get a decorative wall ironing station like this and I’d find something that fits right on the wall where the door is. On the caddy-corner wall, look for dresser or chest and hang a large piece of artwork. Maybe a photo of something you looked fabulous in, a sexy photos or photo that relates to fashion or shopping.

I would also recommend going through the items on the shelf above and find storage bins that will fit the shelf and that are uniformed so it looks a bit more cohesive and finished. Right now that shelf looks like it’s a catch all space and really it’s great square footage to display bags, store folded clothes, hat boxes or other decor items to give this space life.

Make sure to comment below with any ideas and tips you may have. I love to get your input on these things.


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