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Sneak Peak: Rachael Ray’s New Home Collection

Need a storage cabinet that duals as dresser drawers and a coffee station? Or a pet bed to correlate with your actual bedroom set? Then you need to check out this newest celebrity’s home line from Rachael Ray, following the footsteps of furniture moguls like– Kathy Ireland and Cindy Crawford.

Rachael Ray known for her simplistic dishes, kitchenware and upbeat TV personality is bringing her vision to every room in your home with the Rachael Ray Home Collection. She’s built pieces that can be displayed in the kitchen, dining, living and bedroom. 

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Rachael Ray has designed three collections, which solves the problem of three major issues when it comes to purchasing furniture.

Collaborative Style

With over 300 pieces in the line, the collections called Soho, Upstate, and Highline have different finishes and styles, but is very versatile to be able to mix and match each collection with one another to create an eclectic style all your own.  Soho has an ash finish with a gray taupe tone, Highline has a soft gray finish with some charcoal highlights, both represent a more modern-contemporary feel, while Upstate has a waxed patina and relaxed Americana style.

Com’on In and Have a Seat 

Her entire furniture line is not only stylish, but inviting. Each piece looks warm and welcoming because of the finishes she uses. The fabric with bold patterns and prints on accent chairs, ottomans and pillows creates a conversation area to invite people to have seat, stay awhile and chat.

Functionality is Key

My favorite problem that Ray solves is dealing with the space and functionality of a home. She’s thought of everything when it comes to creating a piece that’s dual purpose. This would be a great collection for home stagers to use as inventory because there are so many different ways the furniture could be set up. The nightstands can be side tables in a dining room. She created a bookcase-divider that can hold storage on each side, even a kitchen island with it’s own trash chute and that’s just the beginning. Many of the pieces incorporate outlets to hide wires, large and small versions to fit into tight spaces, plus there is a unique piece only offered in each collection, for example, Soho has a storage cabinet that functions as a mini-mudroom where a white board and cork board hang on the open doors, along with a customizable shelving system.

Her beautifully crafted, multi-use furniture line will arrive in stores Fall 2016, with future expansions in floor coverings, wall art, decor, and lighting to come. Did I mention it’s all budget-friendly! Make sure to check back often to learn more.

Did you find a piece you love? Let me know what you think of Rachael Ray’s Home Collection in the comment section below.


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  1. Virginia pine says:

    On the tv show I thought I saw a form of a Murphy bed that could be hidden in the wall. I can’ find it. I think it would be something my daughter could use.

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