Where to Start If You Want to Stage a Home on a Budget

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So, you’ve made the life altering decision to sell your home and move on. That’s great! But, there is a lot of planning and preparation that has to coincide with this decision before placing the property on the real estate market. What’s your price point? Who’s your home buyer avatar? Where should you start making updates on your home?

As a home stager, clients ask all the time, “where should I start staging my property?” There actually is a method to the madness. A qualified home stager will know what areas to focus on to highlight, to downplay and of course to update. For every property our company stages, we have a plan in place. Many times I refer to this plan as a “multipage action plan” which contains everything a home seller needs to complete on the property, broken out by room, before the home is listed on the market.

While the list can seem overwhelming at times, especially if the property has lacked maintenance for decades, it’s still possible to conquer. We always suggest starting with the largest projects in the main living spaces to show off the biggest improvements.

It’s important to complete the plan one room at a time and delegate what to others to help complete the plan’s tasks.

So, how do you create this multipage home staging action plan?

It’s simple, grab a notebook and a pen and go out to the front of the property. Start from the top of each area, so for example in the front yard look at the tall trees, roof, gutters. Then work your way down to the bottom of the area, so do you need to seed, mulch, cut the grass, mend concrete cracks?

Start taking notes:

What stands out, is it positive or negative? Is there clutter? Do you need to plant? Can you add a seating area? Ask yourself questions like these and jot down your answers. Separate the notes based on the different areas of the property (you can easily have 1-2 pages of notes on each area or room). Continue to take notes throughout the house until you’ve walked through every square inch of the property. From the front to back yard, attic to basement. Look high and low for issues that may turn off a home buyer making a solid offer. We want the property to feel at home to buyers.

Pay attention to specifics like these:

  1. Minor Repairs
  2. Home Improvements
  3. What Needs to be Packed & Stored
  4. Where Does Clutter Build Up
  5. What kind of Storage Solutions Can You Add
  6. What Needs to be Updated (i.e. light fixtures, home decor, paint)
  7. Furniture Placement
  8. Accessories That Fit Your Buyer’s Lifestyle
  9. Cleaning
  10. Focal Points and Positive Features Displayed

Ok, so now that you know what to look for getting your plan started should be easy. Remember, assess each area from top to bottom write down everything you see or don’t see down in your notebook.
Once you’ve assessed the property go back through your notes and decide what is the most important items to start with that are budget friendly, while giving you the best return on your investment. Then you want to schedule out each task on your calendar, so you have ample to complete the projects, hire a handyman and get sold!

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~ Maria Robbins, Homeowner