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October 28, 2014
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Staging A Home HGTV Star’s Home Lighting Technique

In this video I wanted to show you a lighting technique I learned from HGTV’s star, Matthew Finlason, from The Stagers that you could use when staging a home.

Creating light and bright spaces is an important part of the home staging process and is a low cost solution that can bring you a 299% return on investment according to Homegain’s 2012 National Home Improvement Survey and I talked about ways to lighten up your home in a previous video, that you can go check out after this one. 

So, one of the ways you can improve the quality of lighting in a room is to add table and floor lamps. But how many lamps do you need and where exactly do you place the lamps in the room? The answer is Matthew Finlason’s the triangulation effect.

Basically in order to add drama to your design you need to strategically place lamps around the room so that it’s equally lit to maximize the space. The traingulation effect uses three sources of light to essentially create a triangle if you drew it out on a design sketch.

You can mix and match lighting fixtures to create this traingle. And remember the more light sources you have in a room the more spacious it will appear to buyers.

Test it out for yourself in a room in your home and make sure to tell me about in the comment section below. Be sure to sign up for our free video series to learn techinques to begin staging your own home the link is below.

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