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September 23, 2014
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Staging A Home With Wedding Photos

Using personal photos to decorate the walls of your home are common practice in homes. But, when you’re staging a home, are those personal photos, like wedding photos a turn off for buyers?

It’s a bit of a debate in the real estate industry to display or not to display that is the question…

While some believe all personal photos must be removed because the idea is that you want potential buyers to visualize themselves living there. And how can they do that with your mug hanging on the wall?

Others believe personal photos actually make a space feel warm, inviting, and especially makes it feel like home.the argument is that certain photos can showcase the lifestyle you can have if your buy this home. And we’ve talked about this in a past video, click here to watch.

It’s funny I had this argument not to along with a friend who refused to remove a picture with her wedding party, her argument was if the photos are of beautiful people then buyers would be envious and aspire to live like them. But, we’ve all heard beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Regardless, the photo stayed on the side table.

Voice Your Opinion Should Wedding Photos Be Displayed When Staging a Home?

My opinion is that yes, you should have certain photos on display when staging a home, but rather a self portrait of you and your hubby, or a group picture of your wedding party I think you should display candid shots, and not shots where someone is posing. You also have to think about the person buying your home if it’s going to be a single person or a space for families, the photos need to fit the lifestyle your home will create for the buyers.

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