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October 8, 2014
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Staging Solutions for Your Dining Room

These staging solutions for your dining room will not only help you prepare your home for sale, but will even help you spruce up the room for upcoming holiday gatherings.

In fact, many homeowners only use the formal dining room on special occasions, like dinner parties and the holidays, which makes it easy to build up clutter the rest of the year.

According to a recent study by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), builders expect new homes to be 10 percent smaller in 2015 then in years past. One reason for this is because certain rooms, like the formal living and dining room is becoming obsolete. Rather the kitchen has become the central hub, which encompasses the kitchen, dining room and family or living room.

Do you wish you originally designated this room’s real estate as something else, like a home gym or a glorified walk-in-closet?

Dining rooms are a great place to show buyers where they can entertain a few times a year, but usually are not high priority anymore on the buyer’s wish list. Regardless though, whether you have a formal or informal dining room here are a few staging solutions you can implement in the space to showcase where the family can dine in style.

Staging Solution #1: Keep furniture to a minimum. A dining room table can usually morph into two or three times it’s size. Make sure that the size of the table fits to scale of the room. I would also recommend no more than 2 pieces of furniture in a formal dining room (example: table and credenza).

Staging Solution # 2: Make sure there is ample walking space around dining table, a good rule of thumb is to have 36 inches between the wall or any other piece of furniture and the table.

Staging Solution # 3: Add some bling with a chandelier. This is the easiest way to catch the eye of a buyer. There are so many styles to choose from so make sure to find one that matches your style check out Lampsplus.

Staging Solution # 4: Remove extra chairs around dining table. If you’ve taken the leaves out of the table remove the chairs as well from the room to make the space look bigger.

Staging Solution # 5: Choose a centerpiece that is seasonal and to scale with the table. Remember goldilocks and three bears, well if the centerpiece is too big it will distract buyers, too small it will get lost in translation. So find the perfect size and don’t be afraid to group items to create a centerpiece.

Staging Solution # 6: A good rule of thumb is to remove tablecloths from the table, it can not only make the space look dingy, but it also is a subliminal cue for buyers that you may have something to hide.

Staging Solution # 7: Add some accessories to the other piece of furniture like the credenza, sideboard or china cabinet. Use items such as lamps, plants, candlesticks and decorative bowls to create a statement. Make sure to group items in odd numbers.

Staging Solution # 8: Setting the table is not necessary, especially in a home that the seller is still living while on the market. The dishes, glasses and silverware can get in the way of life, not to mention it can be a nuisance to dust and let’s face it people don’t live with their tables set.

What do you think about these staging solutions for your dining room? Do you have a formal dining room in your home and do you use it? Make sure to share your comments below.

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