Tasteful Outdoor Christmas Decorating

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What neighborhood doesn’t have a house that looks like their outdoor Christmas decorating were an after thought, just a hodgepodge of items thrown together on the front lawn? This is holiday overload whether a guest or buyer is at your front door…and will instantly give your company anxiety. So, let’s skip putting out all your decorations and focus on using pieces that will enhance the positive features of the property.
outdoor christmas decorating
According to a Pro Flowers survey 73% of Americans begin their outdoor Christmas decorating right after Thanksgiving and nearly 102 million Americans say, “decorating for the winter holidays is one of their favorite things to do each year.” This is one reason why it’s so important to get your exterior decor right!
This photo below is quite the contrast from the one above and makes a huge difference, right? This is an ideal way to show-off your property with holiday decor, especially if you’re selling your home this time of year. There is nothing taste specific here with this outdoor decor, rather it highlights the architecture of the property and the beautiful landscaping.
outdoor christmas decorating

Whatever your particular interest, there’s probably some kind of Christmas lawn decoration to match it. That’s not always a good thing. The inflatable lawn decorations or figurines already has an air of tackiness to it already, but by adding cartoon characters, motorcycles or santa in his bathing suit to blow up the scene I find represents the homeowners “big-box” greediness versus the true meaning of Christmas. Yes! They’re easy to decorate with, but they distract the natural beauty of the home and are a personal touch on public display that can turn off buyers, guests, even neighbors. 
Photo by: Getty Images www.DailyMail.com

Photo by: Getty Images www.DailyMail.com

Less Is More

When all of this “stuff” is out on display in your front yard the overall picture can look cluttered. You need to give the eye a place to rest, which simply means to see empty space, to process the scene. Stick to one theme — do you want a traditional rustic look, glitz and glitter or a fun whimsical look? Having a mismatched look with no particular style in mind will makes the front yard look like a mess.

Make a Statement

Figure out what the focal point is in the front yard. Can you highlight your mature landscaping, your entryway, maybe the unique architecture of the home. Add a statement piece, like greenery with white lights around your porch or use colored lights to decorate a large tree in the front yard. Maybe only decorate near the door to attract and welcome folks inside.

Color Coordinate

Consider sticking to a maximum of 3 colors in your front yard to create a nice elegant look and the colors should coordinate with the exterior of your home. You can even try spotlights to show off the front door or exterior flower beds. Try white, red and gold or white blue and green.

Religious Display

So, here is my take on religious decor. If you’re not selling a home and want to have a menorah, the nativity or crosses on display, I say go for it, but use it sparingly and make that your statement piece. One religious statement could be paired with seasonal decor  to celebrate the holidays. If you’re selling a property, avoid displaying any religious decor at all unless you specifically know everyone in the neighborhood is of that religion because most likely the buyer then will by of the same religion. While I know these holidays do have religious meaning behind them, they could offend a visitor or make them feel uncomfortable so embrace all beliefs when possible. Here are some tips to tone down the religious spirit, but still be festive:

  • For Chanukah: Add a decorative wreath on your door by using a variation of blues or use winter berries and just a colorful blue bow. You could use a white light to spotlight the door to create a simple, modern twist on the holiday.
  • For Christmas: Use bows, wreaths and garland, either evergreen or grapevines. Decorate with pinecones or even snowflake lights. Of course you can also dress up your outdoor trees and porch with large plastic ornaments.
  • For Kwanza: Add green and red lights to your landscape and highlight the front door using a wreath that represents your celebration of harvest. 

Lighting Up

The key to successfully stringing up the lights starts with mapping out your scheme carefully before installation. Measure the distance carefully and write everything down so you’ll only have to make one trip to the store. Use only light strings and extension cords approved for outdoor use. Strings are designed to plug into each other to create long runs, but never use more than three strings on any one run. Plug light strings into same-length strings. Don’t mix and match strings of different lengths — the wires are rated for different amperages.Don’t forget to hide those wires. Use green cords on landscaping, brown on grapevines, around mulch or gutters. Plus, use white chords too  on the house or on decor that is covered in fake snow.
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christmas village tips
So, the question is are you the homeowner who’s decor is tacky or tasteful? What do you use to dress up your home’s exterior for the holidays? I’d love to hear from you, please let me know below.
Happy Decorating,

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