Three-Must Do Home Maintenance Projects to Complete This Fall

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With each new season comes a new chance to complete that long list of home projects that has accumulated over the past year. Instead of looking at that list as an obligation, drum up the enthusiasm to perceive it as an opportunity given the value that these projects will add to your home when it is time to sell!

While home decor tends to be a focal point of each season, this time around try investing your hard-earned money into updates that will boost your home’s worth. By no means does this mean your home shouldn’t be your cozy safe haven. However, spending heaps of money on knick-knacks or novelties can take away from your time, energy, and cash on more important improvements, like preparing your home for the upcoming winter.

For a few tips on where to begin, take a look at the following fall home projects to complete before winter arrives:

fall home projects

HVAC System

Winterizing your home is an important component of prepping to survive colder temperatures. Therefore, the fall maintenance of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is a must! If you need any major repairs, be sure to schedule them while the weather is still agreeable. A functioning HVAC system is one of those things that you won’t miss until it stops working. Rather than waiting until it’s too late, try some helpful maintenance tips that you can utilize all year round.

Change the air filter once a month and clean the vents to ensure your air quality is in tip-top shape. Also, be sure to have it inspected at least once a year so you can avoid hefty service fees when it comes time to perform repairs. Keep in mind, if your HVAC system is dated, it may be best to replace it. Old systems prevent adequate functioning that will cost you more on your utility bills in the long-run.

Furthermore, there are also other refurbishments you can make that will heighten your HVAC system’s operation. Insulating your attic will allow warm air to stay in your home while also putting a stop to cold air from creeping in. You can also integrate a programmable thermostat into your home’s device portfolio to help adjust your HVAC systems settings more easily.

fall home projects

Window Care

Energy efficiency is a great addition to any home, especially in regard to managing colder conditions. One area that is commonly overlooked in the home is the health and shape o

f your windows which directly impact your home’s temperature. You can enhance the state of your windows by implementing a couple of key activities into your daily to-do list.

During fall, give your windows a close look; keep an eye out for any damage or cracks that may worsen your home’s ability to retain heat. If you do notice anything out of the ordinary, contact a professional and get the issue resolved as soon as you can. Some other signs that a window may not be working properly are broken glass panes, brittle frames, and condensation build-up. These are usually a good indicator of an immediate need to replace a window altogether.

If your windows happen to be in a fair state, you can then try small upgrades that will help increase their efficiency. Caulking or weather stripping window frames will help stop quality, heated air from escaping your home. Use insulating foam to seal any gaps that you can easily observe.

After, be sure to clean your windows based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. Certain windows are made from different materials and thus require specific techniques to properly maintain them. Start by making sure any chemicals you use to match your windows tolerance; otherwise, you could cause further damage. Finally, weatherproof your windows — you’ll be glad you did come wintertime!

fall home projects

Fireplace Maintenance

Nothing says cozy quite like a warm, open fireplace. This is one update that home decor can never supersede. Whether you have a wood-burning fireplace already in your home or you’re interested in purchasing a built-in model, you should consider a couple of stipulations for each option.

Before installing a wood-burning fireplace, you need to consider the potential hazards. House fires are the most common concern for many homeowners however if you have poor ventilation, carbon monoxide poisoning can pose an issue as well. Get your chimney looked at by a certified professional so your indoor air quality is not negatively affected. Also, purchase the proper equipment so safety is a main priority. This can include fireplace screens or metal pokers to guarantee embers don’t emit from the open flame.

Gas fireplace maintenance differs a bit from the traditional version. New terms to include in your fall maintenance checklist are this heating appliance’s firebox, gas burner, fireplace logs, and glass doors. The firebox is responsible for encasing smoke or fire. You should clean this area before lighting your first winter fire. The gas burner is what makes your fireplace function. It should be examined for any rust, dents, or other problems that may obstruct the pilot light.  Keep an eye on your fireplace logs; although they are made to endure high heat, soot can still collect. Lastly, glass doors should be inspected for any broken glass, scratches, or cracks. Try using a streak-free cleaner to remedy films from building up.

Either way, for both heat sources, it’s essential to scatter both smoke and carbon monoxide alarms throughout your home just in case something does malfunction. You can also complement that fire burning smell throughout your home with easy cleaning hacks that promote scent to make your space feel even more heavenly! From staging your home with plants to improve air quality to deodorizing your carpets or rugs with a sprinkle of baking soda, borax, white vinegar, or club soda, the options are endless.

Final Thoughts…

No matter how old or new your projects may be, taking the chance to complete them each season is vital to maintaining your home. By being proactive with your updates, you can keep versatility at the forefront of your to-do list this fall. Then, when it comes time to hunker down for a cold winter, you’re able to relax and enjoy your home to the absolute fullest!

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