Staging a home is a powerful marketing tool that could create a stand out moment like Simone Biles, the gymnast during her Olympic debut in Rio 2016. The 19-year old who won 4 gold and 1 bronze medals this summer dominated her competition and was the talk of the town.

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It’s a Mental Struggle

Biles’ story is one of struggle and determination. After nearly ending her career in 2013, when she had a catastrophic performance at the Secret Classic she knew if she wanted to succeed she needed to change her mindset. “I guess I just wasn’t in a very good mental place. Then after [Classics] I went to see a sports psychologist and he helped me a lot,” Biles admits.

As a home stager, many times I’m also considered a psychologist trying to change the mindset of a home seller. It’s about the psychology and practices of the seller, what is driving this person to sell their home, and what they are willing to live with—or in some cases live without—to get to the closing table. Within this seller’s mindset you must also be realistic about the three key factors of home staging—product preparation, marketing, and price—that help close the deal. Learn more about the six seller mindsets.

Raising the Competition

Olympic athletes are competitors, not only against themselves, but against their competition. Simone Biles motto:

“I always say my biggest competitor is myself, because whenever I step out there on the mat I’m competing against myself to prove that I can do this and that I am very well trained, prepared for it. So I always just listen to [my mom’s advice] and be the best Simone that you can be. It just really sticks with me whenever I go out to competition.”

In order to take your home to another level on the real estate market you should stage. It’s important to look at the other homes on the market compare your home and see how you can make your home’s positive features stand out amongst the competition. Your home should look pristine, clutter-free and embrace what a buyer is looking for in that neighborhood. By standing out against the competition, you’ll most likely grab the gold– an offer worthy of selling. 

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Time Consuming

These Olympic athletes start young. Biles started on her Olympic journey at age six. They put in an incredible amount of time preparing for their moment to shine- lots of blood, sweat and tears to get to where they want to be. 

Sellers need to take a cue from Olympians and take the time to get their home prepared for sale properly. Yes, it takes time to organize the space, clean it from top to bottom and even wait for the perfect buyer– but it’s all worth it, if you keep your eye on the goal and be able to move on to the next chapter in life.

Conditioning and Maintenance

Biles could have easily won her first world title and called it quits, but she didn’t. In fact she’s the first female gymnast to win four consecutive all-around titles at the world championships, including her latest win in Rio. WOW…right? The amount of conditioning she had to keep her body in to achieve that accomplishment takes strict discipline and determination something sellers need in order to maintain a model-look home while on the market.
A sellers hard work doesn’t stop once a home has been staged or after hosting one open house. Sellers have to do the dishes, make the bed and clean up toys off the floor daily to keep the home show ready at a moments notice because you never know when it will be your home’s time to shine.
Do you agree? Let me know in the comment section below. Also, if you’ve been watching the Summer Olympics Rio 2016 games– what has been your favorite moment? I’d love to hear from you.
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